Click Here to Download the GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide

What is the GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide?
Hines tenants and their employees, through a voluntary program created to encourage sustainability within tenant spaces worldwide, now have the opportunity to lead the effort in setting the standard for a sustainable future by “walking the walk” in their own offices.
Why was the program created?
In December 2008, Hines rolled out the program internally in its own offices. In the spirit of collaboration, and in response to requests from our tenants to help them be “green,” Hines has adapted the program for tenant use.
May I participate?
Yes. We encourage you to implement the voluntary GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide in your office as a way to improve how you operate, as well as positively impact the environment and the health and well-being of your employees.
What is in the GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide implementation package?
  • GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide – Use it to determine which “Green Opportunities” you plan to implement (or perhaps have already implemented) to help you and your employees set goals and improve performance in your own leasespace as well as the building. The completed guide is what you will submit to the management office.
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions (GREEN OFFICE FAQs)
We want to participate. What must we do?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Each tenant office is encouraged to establish a “green team” to provide leadership, analyze your current operations, set sustainable goals and then implement a plan from the “Green Opportunities” column.
  2. The only column you fill out is the far-right “Achieved GREEN” column. For every “Green Opportunity” that you achieve, include the corresponding number of “Leaf Credits” in this column. Add up your total “Leaf Credits” (page eight).
  3. Fill in the tenant data at the bottom of page eight.
Note: to qualify, your office must attain 70 “Leaf Credits.”
Sign the completed GREEN OFFICE Tenant Guide and submit it electronically to the management office; or you may drop it offpersonally at the management office.
We invite you and your employees to set the standard for a sustainable future!
-Your Hines Management Team