Tenant Handbook

Moves - Elevator Usage

Schedule moves with the Property Management Office at least one (1) week prior to the move date.
Movers are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Chestnut Denver, Inc.  as certificate holder, and the following as additional insureds:

  1.       Chestnut Denver, Inc.
  2.       Hines Interests Limited Partnership
  3.       Invesco Real Estate
  4.       Invesco Advisors, Inc.

*see insurance section for other requirements*

A pre-move meeting on site must be scheduled at least one (1) week prior to the move with (a) the tenant coordinator, (b) the mover representative, and (c) a Property Management representative. The purpose of the meeting is to review all the arrangements/requirements, train on proper elevator usage, sign out keys, etc.  Please make note that the freight elevator dimensions are as follows:

9’ 9” high
5’ 7” wide
8’ 0” deep

A post-move meeting with the same pre-move meeting representatives must be scheduled to inspect the premises, collect keys, and discuss the move.