Tenant Handbook

Recycling Program

16 Chestnut is equipped with “single-stream” recycling capabilities.  Single-stream means that all recyclable items may be co-mingled and do not require separation at the point of collection.  Separation of the various recyclable components is done at an off-site facility.  The following items can be recycled through the building’s recycling program:

Paper Products

  •     Cardboard
  •     Office Paper
  •     Magazines
  •     Junk Mail
  •     Phonebooks
  •     Paperboard
  •     Brown Paper Bags
  •     Newspapers


  •     Plastics #1-7
  •     Glass Bottles & Jars
  •     Aluminum Cans    
  •     Steel cans (canned food)
  •     Empty Aerosol Cans
  •     Aluminum Foil/Pie Tins

16 Chestnut also participates in a composting program.  All composting material must be kept separate from the trash and recycling material.  The following items can be composted through the building’s composting program:

  •     Food Waste
  •     Coffee Grinds & Filters
  •     Produce
  •     Plants and Flowers       
  •     Paper Napkins/Paper Towels
  •     Pizza Boxes/Paperboard
  •     Compostable Dinnerware
  •     Paper Bags

Alpine Waste can conduct tenant education and training if requested to detail our trash, recycling and composting program in more detail.